Monday, September 29, 2008

Answer This

Alright ladies here goes. I hope that I can convey my thoughts without sounding crazy. Lately I've been thinking about this topic (thanks to Amberly and Sarah's blogs) and what I really want to know many of you have really strayed that far from what you were taught when you were younger? (Whether it was pounded into your head or you were taught by example.)

I grew up in a family that had dinner together every night. We talked about all kinds of things over dinner; politics, religion, attitude, dress, our actions, manners. One thing that my parents did right was that I didn't ever know who they liked or disliked.

Let's exclude our adolescent years and I want to know who has really strayed that far from the nest? Do you attend the same church your parents attended? Do you belong to the same political party your parents belonged to? I know that we all like to think that we are "free thinkers" but I've decided that I don't buy it. There is the scripture (Proverbs 22:16) " Train children in the right way, and when old, they will not stray." We could sit and argue about what is the "right way" but that's not what I'm after. I have learned that as a mother, I have the power. I am able to influence my children to know and love the things and people that I love. (Which also means that I would have the power to have them hate or dislike people if I chose to go that route.) I have seen this in other families where the parents speak of people they don't like within ear shot of the children, and guess what? The kids don't like those people either.

Now I know that my blog visitors are from different religions and different political parties but yet each of them believe/know that they are supporting the right things. I am not looking to hear why you are right. All I really want to know what you believe, what your most influential parent believed? Alright ladies let me have it, I'm very curious.

Friday, September 26, 2008

"Who digged this up Mom?"

They're Coming

The best part about living outside of Utah is that the missionaries come to our house and visit. We love it. They've been to our home about five times. Last night they stopped by to give us a "lightening visit" which is their term for a short visit packed with the spirit. Mike and I wished them the best of luck as it was hard to get the kids to sit quietly. The little ones wanted to do more showing off than listening. Here in this picture we have Elder Lewis from Spanish Fork, Utah and Elder Yazzie from Texas. We love these boys (men?).

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mike's Version

You may or may not know my husband, he's funny, really funny. For some it takes a while to figure out. His sarcasm is subtle so there are those who don't pick up on it. Another thing that makes him more hilarious is that it's not for show. I find him being funny and commenting on things when no one is in the room. Many occasion I can hear him talking to himself. And it's all very laugh worthy.

There is a lovely children's book called No David! by David Shannon. For those of you haven't read the book, it has pictures of little David getting into things, or making a mess and his mother is constantly saying no. The words in the book are few and simple but Mike added his own flavor and opinions. I will attempt to fill you in on this story he was reading Jane while I was upstairs. I'll keep the text of the book in white and Mike's commentary in black. Here's what I heard......

No David! I know you want those cookies but I put them up high so I could eat them all myself.

No, David no! Stop getting dirt on my beautiful white carpet. I love my carpet and I obviously love it more than you.

Come back here David! I didn't notice you went outside because I was busy watching Oprah. I don't want to spend time with you and help you grow and develop properly.

Go to your room! You make me crazy David, can't you be quiet so I can talk on the phone to my friends. I don't want to take the time to help build your creativity.

Not in the house, David! I'm not going to play ball with you, that's what good mothers do and I just neglect you and eat bon bons.

I said no David! My material possessions are more important than you. Don't break my stuff, then my friends won't envy me and know how cool I am.

I was upstairs laughing and had to go downstairs and take a picture. He makes me laugh.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Out by the Bay

Saturday we traveled two hours to Maryland to visit some friends out on the Chesapeake Bay. We were lucky that we didn't encounter too much traffic and made it there in time to have dinner with them in their backyard. They served up local crab ( I didn't partake but I really should have taken pictures of the mess everyone created.) The children all played really well and then we went across the street to the beach for a little water play time. There were some big naval ships out due to the Navy football game. I really enjoyed myself. Being by the water is always such a good feeling for me. There is no better way then to sit back and relax in an environment like that. Here are some pictures of our great day.

The Bay Bridge

Maggie always the trooper stuck in her stroller.

Dad and Charlie

I thought that the kids would go to sleep in the car after the long day. But no, they were talking and arguing the whole way home. Couldn't wait to get to bed that night.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

4 Months Old

Moe is four months old and I can't believe the time has gone by so quickly. She is such a happy little girl and so willing to smile at us. We are just happy that she is big enough (check the cheeks) to survive in our fun and crazy home.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Aunt Debi to the Rescue

We went out to our mailbox today and found a suspicious package. Charlie and Jane were so excited to receive their very own mail. Inside were two movies, and not just any movies but the Rescuers and Rescuers Down Under. Sing it with me now. R-e-s-c-u-e Rescue Aide Society. We sang and sang. (Charlie has been carrying around the dvd case.) It appears that Aunt Debi was a little concerned for our boy as he is enjoying his Cinderella and giving his sister "makeovers." Oh, and the fact that he got a pink kitchen with his sister last year for Christmas. I'm a little surprised she hasn't sent us any camo yet. (that's not a hint)

Theses were movies that we borrowed for long periods of time from our Aunt Debi. Thank you it was a very thoughtful gift. When I got the phone so we could call and thank her, Charlie said "not now mom I want to watch my movie." Thus the blog.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Totally Inappropriate

Look I know that this is in poor taste but who can resist this? Obviously not me. There is just something about this little boy that makes me laugh every day. What you really don't know in this picture is that the magazine he is "reading" is upside down.Jane carries around her little "baby Mya" all of the time. She tells us when to be quiet because Mya is sleeping, she puts her in the swing, she has even given Mya a bath in the toilet. (Don't worry I put Mya in the washer.) In this picture Jane looks like she is in some serious pain but that is her forced smile for the camera. We're working on that.

Thanks Ladies

That was just plain fun to see what you all had to say!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who Writes the Check?

Alright this is trivial but it has been driving me a little crazy. I called a friend here and asked her a few questions about her utilities like; Who do you use for your phone service? Who is your internet provider? Who do you use for t.v.? And each time I've called or asked I get a "I don't really know let me ask my husband".

I kept thinking that was so weird. How does she not know who she pays the bill to? Then I finally realized duh, he must pay the bills.

In my house, my husband brings home the dough but I take care of all the finances. It could be quite possible that Mike wouldn't know the name of the gas company. In my mind it's the "woman's job" to handle the finances but maybe I'm wrong.

Just want to know how it's done at your house? Would you know who your internet provider was? Would you or your spouse know who to pay the bills to if you weren't the one who usually did it?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Where's Moe?

  • I can't find Moe.

  • I know that Mike put her on the couch after her diaper was changed but she's not there.

  • Upstairs to see if he put her on our bed or in her crib. Nope not there either.

  • Back downstairs when I hear talking and giggling from behind the poof pillow.

There they are.....Charlie is convinced he is big enough to carry Moe around wherever and whenever. This of course is a problem. Fortunate for me she was face up and not crying.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Pre School

We were lucky enough to get Charlie into a little preschool this year. He will be going twice a week and today was his first day. We picked a little school in the next town (where we have an offer on a home.) His teacher is Miss Shannon. She used to be a school teacher but now that she is a mother she does preschool out of her home in the basement.

Charlie was excited from the minute he woke up. He started with making his bed, and then proceeded to get himself dressed. I told him that I didn't want him to grow up and get dressed all by himself (reverse psychology here). "Don't worry mom" he said. "You can still do the buttons." We packed his backpack and he wore it all morning until it was time to go.

Jane was very concerned at the drop off. She cried for about ten minutes and has been asking for Charlie all morning. They have been such good playmates this last month. I on the other hand feel great. It feels like a little piece of freedom and heaven. I went to Walmart after we dropped him off and I couldn't believe how good it felt to only have two.

Charlie doesn't start kindergarten until fall 2010. Jane will start the next year fall 2011. I just realized this a couple of weeks ago. They are 21 months apart but their birthdays hit so that they will only be a year apart in school. I assume that I will love this too. Time will tell.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Little Moe

Grandma Helene put in a request to see a little more of Maggie. So here she is; Mags, Maggie, Magaroni, Magnadoodle, Mag pie, Maggity do da, or as Mike likes to call all chubby kids, tons of fun. So much has happened since her birth that it is hard to believe she is only three months old. Surprisingly her eyes are still a bright blue.

Maggie is a sweet little girl that puts up with a lot of abuse from her older siblings. She has been squeezed so tight, smacked, stepped on, rolled on, yanked, pinched and bitten all in the name of love. She smiles at anyone who will talk to her and she really loves her big brother and sister. I don't know how much she weighs but as you can see she is not starving. We love our sweet little girl. Soon she will wallop Charlie and Jane for all they have put her through. They will be running for cover.