Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Moving to Virginia

Well, it looks like we will be moving to Virginia this summer. Mike will be going twice a month this spring just to get his new job under way. We are excited about our families new adventure. I'm trying not to think to much about the negative side of it, like missing our family and my sadness about the lack of Mexican food there.
I am looking forward to having a husband around. Charlie and Jane's comments about missing there dad should slowly go away.
Here are a few examples....."Dad, could you sleep at our house tonight.""Dad, can you stay home.""Dad, will you come back and see us."
Hopefully the people we meet are as kind as the many friends we have here in Utah.

First Timer

I am new at this blogging stuff and feeling a little unsure of what to post. I do enjoy reading all of my friends blogs and often wonder how they are all such good writers. I feel as though I might be a little inadequate, but I am looking forward to keeping track of my life and my family. My journal gets written in about once every two months. Hopefully I will be much better at keeping track of things here.