Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Coffee Table - minus the coffee

Our good friends made me a coffee table. I've been talking about this coffee table for over a year now and I finally have it in full bloom. Here's my concept....I wanted a basic wood table that I could paint for the seasons, holiday or whatever event is going on in our life. This table was brown in November then I painted it red for Christmas and we've spiced it up a bit with vinyl for Valentine's. The table sits in our family room and I'm hoping it will bring us many more fun memories. I'll keep you posted as the colors and events change. In the end I hope to have a collage of coffee table memories.

 It became yellow for Easter and Spring
Jane and Maggie helping to paint it for Independence Day
Charlie painting
Finished product. We are having fun with this little table.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Here are all of the funny or totally embarrassing things that my kids have said. I should keep them to myself, but who am I to ruin all of the fun?
noodles - nudies
very - berry
disappear - capeared
remember - bemember

Charlie singing the wrong lyrics to a song that we do not play in our house, "I've got fashion in my pants and I'm not afraid to show it. I'm sexy and I know it." And for the record the real lyrics are even worse than that.

Maggie: "Mom, is it today?"
Mom: "yes"
Maggie: " I knew it. I knew it was today."

Jane: "Mom Carys thinks that I'm the prettiest girl in the whole school."
Mom: I think to myself. That is very weird that her best friend would say that to her. They are a bit competitive with each other. So I say "Really? She said that?"
Jane: "Yeah she told me that." (insert snotty voice here) "She said, Jane, you just think you're the prettiest girl in the whole school."
(She didn't get it.)

When Maggie gets really mad and wants to insult you she calls you a freak. I don't know where she learned it but the other day Charlie was teasing her and she yelled, "knock it off you little freak."

And just today Maggie said, "Mom, Jesus spoke to my heart and said that brushing your teeth makes them dirty. So I don't have to brush my teeth." (really? blaming Jesus?)