Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another Good One

Not to be out done.
Maggie gave us a great quote the evening of my last post.
She was being a major stinker at the church during our friends Baptism. She was happily squirming, jumping, yelling and making Mike and I crazy. I took her out into the hall for her time out. (We try to make the hall much more miserable so that going out is never better than staying in the meeting.) I sat on a chair in the hall and held her tight so that all of her wiggling got her no where. She kept saying "chop it Mom" "wet go of me". But I didn't. Then finally she reached out for the wall with a picture of Jesus on it and yelled, "Jesus, help me, help me Jesus!"
And I guess he did help because it made me smile, laugh and give her a great big smoocheroosy.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Charlie: "For crying out loud Mom. I said not my pants."

Charlie: Mom, I'm not going to college.
Mom: Really? Why not?
Charlie: They don't have any toys at college.
Mom: Well, by the time you go to college, you won't care about your toys.
Charlie: Yeah right mom, I'm going to care about my toys my whole life. Even when I'm a dad I'm going to just sit around and play with my toys.
Mom: Good luck with that.

Charlie: I'd really like to be an Orphan.

Mom:We can make arrangements.

Charlie: I just need to get out of here for a few days.

Maggie: du dog why u ya followin me? du dog why u ya followin me?

Charlie was yelling out of his bedroom window to his friends across the street.
"Hey guys wait right there. I'm coming out to play I just had a little diarrhea accident in my pants so I'm going to change real quick."

Jane: "Mom did you know that when we eat chicken it comes from a chicken?"
Mom: "That's right. Where does hamburger come from?"
Jane: " I don't know."
Mom:"A cow. Where does bacon come from?"
Jane: " A pig."
Mom: "Wow, good job. How did you know that?"
Jane: "The Holy Ghost told me."

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So Big

Big girl underpants
Hello kitty rear end.

Yep, it's true she is so big.
I had many ladies telling me that Maggie was ready to be potty trained; neighbors, friends, ladies at the gym. The only problem is that I wasn't ready. We all know that Mom is the one who has to be ready. So finally the perfect opportunity came during conference weekend. She was ready. It was a breeze. And I am a succor for my children's soft squishy bottoms in undies. A lot more pinching and squeezing happens now.
I love it.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dance - For Real

The real thing. A real teacher. Real ballet shoes. Real tap shoes. A real leotard.
Paige, Paisley, Dayton, Carys & Jane
This is serious.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


He's Big. He's Bold. He's Six.
It's official, our baby boy is all grown up. He loves kindergarten, friends and football. He even acts like he loves us now and then.
He has agreed to let me paint his bathroom blue and denies ever wanting it pink. (glad I waited.)
Charlie has discovered that he likes to draw.
His reading has drastically improved.
We celebrated his birthday with a family dinner and a perfect light saber gift.The girls and I also took some treats to his classroom yesterday. We arrived at the end of computer lab time. Charlie came over said hello to Jane and then led her back to his desk and was showing her how to play the game. He found Maggie and led her to the toys. I was so impressed with his kindness. It appears that he is learning all of the things I've mentioned over and over. Weird, repetition does work....eventually.
Side note: Charlie's teacher took me aside and mentioned that she tries to have one on one time with Charlie and she is always surprised at how bright he is. She said "in class he always acts like such a boy" (meaning disinterested) After discovering that he is a good reader she went back to look at his kindergarted pretest and found out that he got a perfect score. Since that time she is requiring more from him. hooray for that!
Way to go buddy. We love you.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sleep Not

We say to our children...
"Tonight let's have a sleep over in Mom and Dad's room."
We didn't know the amount of excitement that could bring. They invited all of their friends and made beds for them too.

I purchased the movie Annie (because I loved it as a kid). We stayed up late watching it and now Jane wants to rename Bernie to Sandy.
There is also a lot more singing and tap dancing to be had around here. Annie has been playing on the t.v. every day for the last week.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


"Hey Mom, come ear, come ear. MOM, Ders a chiken in ar house."

Then Maggie led me to the laundry room where she said,


and there was a cute little live bird, scared to death.

I don't know how long Maggie had been torturing it.

He is now back out in the wild.