Monday, August 30, 2010


Wrapping up our summer trip we spent a while in Denver with my sister Nancy. We played, swam, celebrated Jane's birthday and played some more. This goose egg happened on day one or two. Pretty funny, but not for Charlie. He still has a round little nubin in there.

Mags as Mr. TJane is four!!
Charlie, Aunt Debi, Maggie, Aunt Nancy & Jane
Celebrating Jane's 4th Birthday!
This little spunky lady will continue to keep us on our toes. And oh the songs she can sing.

just couldn't resist
Nephew Corbin
We were able to spend his last week with him before he left on his mission to N.Y.
This nifty outfit came from various thrift stores. The singles threw a "Thrift Store Prom" and he went all out.
Charlie and Gavin
There really wasn't anyone with enough energy to keep Charlie occupied or satisfied. Until Nancy's great idea to call one of the neighbor boys over. This is their fort. Too bad we didn't do this playdate until the day before we drove home. Idiots.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lake Powell

I'm quite certain that there is no better vacation then the one experienced in Lake Powell. No cell contact, only relaxation and play. I was invited to go down with my sister Debi and her family. We all had a really great time and the memories will last forever. The sweet rideJane
Aubry, McKenzie & Kim

Aubry and baby Sadie
(only 11 weeks old)
Cody and Mya

Jane, Cammarie & Adam
This fine couple helped all of us manage the children. They are a hard working crew.

Captain Dave and baby Sadie

Mallory and Adam
These two are siblings. Together they happen to be a masterpiece. Loads of fun.

Jane, Kimber & Maggie
We are traveling slower than molasses but the girls loved it.
Kimber & Charlie
He is wearing goggles because if he gets water in his eyes it is a "near death" experience.
Mallory, Cammi & Kenzie
Debi, Jane, Dave and McKenzie
Tate and Kim
Little Tate was sick this whole week. At first we all believed that he had heat stroke. That was until others started coming down with the same mysterious symptoms. There was one special night where the carp were enjoying some regurgitated feasts. We never knew that heat stroke could be so catchy.
Jane, Charlie, Tate, Mya & Maggie

Cammi & Adam
I must end with this final photo. There were some gentlemen that happened to go down the slide nudey. This was Cammi's first time down the slide but there was not enough bleach on the boat to make her feel safe so she sat on her husbands lap. ha.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


The Callisters had a family reunion up in one of our favorite spots.
McCall Idaho
This is a cool picture that my sister took. None of my little family made it in the photo. In fact this isn't even half of my parents clan but it's still pretty cool to look at.
Ron, Becky, Dave, Dave, Tamara, Nancy

Sue, Mike, Jane, Debi, Jenny

lots of family

more of us

It's beautiful up here.

Mike caught a flight home out of Boise.

After the reunion I was able to stay in Boise with my sister Michelle. Our children played nice together and it was fun to have a few days with her.
Brinley, Michelle, Mom and precious Cozette
Jane, Brinley, Maggie
singing "You are My Sunshine"
Michelle also took Charlie and Maggie back to her house
so that Jane and I could have a sleep over with Mom. We walked the dog in the park and stayed up late watching a movie. Great girl fun.
Maggie, Kimber, Mom and Jane
Notice how my mother is tightly holding her dog?
That is because Cozette is trying to bite Janey's arm off but Jane could care less. She still kept trying to catch her all night.

Audra, Kathy and Kimber

My Idaho trip usually includes a lunch with these ladies from Old School. I've been blessed with good friends throughout my life.

Boise - Success

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Utah Visit

In Utah we were able to stay at Grandma and Grandpa's house. We played with cousins, barbequed and swam. We were even able to fit in an evening with friends.
Utah - Success Maggie swimming at Aunt Debi's

Jane down low, Charlie up high.

Grandma introduced us to a great place called "Pirate Island". The kids were in heaven and the food wasn't bad, which is always good for me.

Grandma, Maggie, Jane, Charlie and Mike

We thought that we were here for the children but I caught Mr. Jeremy stealing a few coins from the kids.

Charlie, Caitlin, Sam and Mags

The greatest part of our trip was that baby Boston was born before we left for our next destination.Boston and Maggie

Maggie brought her baby into the hospital and we couldn't help but put them side by side.Jane, Aunt Leslie and sweet baby Boston
Charlie was here but is at the "shy away from the camera" stage so I'm tired of fighting it. He'll just be scarred for life thinking that we didn't love him.
Donate now for his future years of therapy.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cross Country Drive

We took four days and three nights to get to Utah. I am happy to say that the drive was even somewhat enjoyable. Strange? Yes.
Mike and I were both pleasantly surprised.

Our first stop was South Bend, Indiana. I have a High School friend (Sarah) there who had us for dinner and let our kids run and play in her beautiful backyard. I was a little nervous about our visit because we really haven't seen each other in over ten years but her husband and kids were all so great and they immediately put us at ease.
Our next stop was a nice hotel in Omaha, Nebraska.

Day three led us to Denver, Colorado where we had a lovely stay with my sister and her family.

Finally we arrived safely in Provo, Utah on July 2nd. Just in time to unpack and be ready for the Independence Day celebration at Grandma and Grandpa's on the 3rd.Crosland Clan

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Maggie refusing to share

The weekend before our big summer vacation we went to the DC Zoo. Jeremy was visiting us for the weekend and Uncle Matt and Andy were in town along with Andy's parents and niece. The Zoo is really the only suitable place to go with all of those adults and children. The day was hot and humid but the company was fun and enjoyable.Jeremy, Charlie, Maggie, Jane & Mike
Taylor, Andy's Mom and Andy

Kimber and Charlie

We convinced Charlie that this bird in the tree behind us was "Kevin's" baby. Kevin is a big bird from the movie UP.

Andy and Matt

(for some reason, every Crosland loves to do a food/mouth open pose. I probably have a dozen of these.)

Jane and Charlie feeding the birds