Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dance Recital

Jane danced her little heart out the other night at her recital. Her class performed to the LeeAnne Rhymes song "Blue"

Jane and Charlie

Paisley, Carys, Jane, Dayton, Paige, Aleah

Jane, Carys Dayton

Aleah, Paisley, Jane, Carys, Dayton

Carys, Jane & Maggie

After the performance Charlie and Dad each gave her some roses. She felt very special and hasn't stopped talking about the event. She's been wearing her little costume ever since. I don't know if I will sign her up for soccer again. The season just ended and she didn't get the joy out of it as she does with dancing. She's in a happy place with dancing.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

No Pool Party

Memorial weekend we usually hit the beach. Charlie's cast squashed that idea real quick. We had to come up with something to deal with the high temps and humidity. So we hand neighbors, sprinklers, kiddie pool and a good old homemade slip n slide.We wrapped Charlie's arm up pretty good
Charlie & Cooper

Mags & William

Carys, Patrick & Jane

Cyndi, Kimber, Kim & LeighAnne

not even close to beach fun but we had a good time together