Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Janes Quotes

Jane "Mom look at all of these ladies wearing buttoonies" (bikini's)

"I'm going to go pout on my nose"


"Mom, it's a polite way of saying I need to go potty."

I didn't bother correcting her because it's funnier when she does it her way. She says it all of the time now. I still laugh when I hear it.

Getting out of the shower my daughter was staring at my beautiful bottom. I knew it was coming and she said, "mom how come your bottom is so big?"
"well, because I ate too many cookies when I was little."
She took my answer and then I could see her processing it. Suddenly panic struck her face as she said "did I eat too many cookies?"


In church during the Sacrament Jane grabbed two pieces of bread and popped them into her mouth. When I gave her the look she leaned over and whispered, "but I really wanted to remember Jesus two times".

"My hands are always trying to make me not modest. They keep picking out the clothes and putting them on me."

Friday, September 23, 2011

Charlie's Funnies

Charlie built a fort out of the limbs that his father cut off of our trees. Charlie and Patrick using their sniper rifles on me

Something you never want to hear your first grader say to you......

"Mom guess what I learned from a 5th grader today in the bathroom?"

It was safe.

Just personal bubble making.

No gadgets necessary.
He is much more willing to wash his hands now.

So through the grapevine we heard the greatest story about our son and one of our sweet babysitters. And it goes a little something like this....
"Sally" the babysitter takes our kids out on a walk. Charlie runs away from her. She can't find him.
Turns out that he returned to the home. Grabbed his Dad's ipad and then ran back like a secret agent and recorded the babysitter looking all over for him. He went from tree to tree and thought that he was hilarious. She finally saw him and got after him and then deleted his recording.
Oh how I wish we still had that recording. "Sally" never mentioned the incident to us. I would have been mortified. But as long as I pretend that this story is about someone else then I think it's hilarious.

And last but not least...

"Boys don't have boobs Jane, we have abs."

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Today was Maggie's first day of preschool. She has been ready for a while now and she went without any hesitation. She will attend a three hour class twice a week.

This is one of her high school teachers, Taylor.
Maggie and sweet boyfriend Nate

William and Maggie

She calls W her best buddy.
They love to play and fight.

So here are some of Mags current quotes.....

"Are Grandma and Grandpa in my heart? Cause I feel them in there."

When I don't give her what she wants her comeback is always....

"okay then you're not invited to my cheerleading party."
(i'm not sure that she knows what a cheerleader is)

Some of our friends decided to crepe paper our house. In the morning Maggie looked out the window and with her potty mouth said, "Holy moley. Holy cwap. Holy moley cwap."

"I know vat. I already knew vat. I know everyfing."

Thursday, September 1, 2011


The kids were invited to Vacation Bible School. The theme was Beach Blast and it was true to its name. I think this was the first church experience that Charlie would look forward to. Of course that did have a lot to do with the fact that they played sports outside. Jane did a fish craft to remind her of when Jesus fed the multitude.
Charlie made a treasure box that says "God's promises are my treasure"
Inside there are different scriptures.

Maggie learned about baby Jesus and was able to hold and take care of little baby dolls.

At the end of each night the kids gathered for singing, dancing and a "wrap up the evening" story.

Gracie, Jane and Maggie

Someone and Mags

So there was a very favorite song that none of us can get out of our head. Here's the chorus for you.

uh uh uh A Admit to God that you are a sinner.

bu bu bu bu B Believe that Jesus is Gods only son.

su su su su C Commit yourself to the Lord above and ask him to fill you up with his love.

When you become a Christian hope is easily found cause when you hit rock bottom you'll land on solid ground.