Friday, November 9, 2012

Birthday and Baptism

Last month we had Charlie's birthday and baptism all on the same day. Grandma, Aunt Leslie, baby Boston and Uncle Matt all came into town. We also had cousins Mallory, Paige, Mike and baby Ada that were able to join us. (because they're all officially locals now)
Charlie had a football game in the morning which he ended up missing because he threw up on the way to the game. So really my biggest concern was just that he keep everything in until after the baptism. We made it. The font water remained clean. After the baptism we returned to our house for a little family party. The day turned out to be very enjoyable. We are so proud of Charlie and his commitment to the Savior.
Cousin Mike & Charlie
Dad and Charlie
Boston, Leslie, Mike, Kimber, Helene
Jane, Charlie Maggie
Charlie, Boston & Leslie
Matt & Mallory