Saturday, January 28, 2012

Birthday Boy

Mike had a birthday shout hooray!
His birthday hit on our drive home from Florida. He was a good sport since we didn't have a single present to hand him. Our sweet friends the Browns had cupcakes sent to our hotel where we stopped in North Carolina. That was really the only celebration he received.
We left Mike in NC where he spent the rest of his week working at the Army base.

This is our family celebration last night when he was finally able to join us. We have missed him a lot. He has been gone every week for months. We love him and enjoy having him home. I'm so grateful for a kind and considerate husband. He works hard and does his best to spend time with his family.

Happy Birthday Babe!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Two Miracles

We received our first snowfall yesterday. Miracle. It was just enough to be able to play in and the second miracle is that they didn't cancel school today. Nothing stuck to the streets but that has never stopped them before. So I call that perfect. The neighborhood kids got off the bus, put on their snow gear and played until dark. So much fun. Charlie - did most of his sledding standing up
Jane & Garrison

Carys, Jane & Mags trailing behind


Patrick , Cooper & Charlie

Maggie, Jane & Carys

Miss Cyndi & Mr. Daniel


Finally, something worthy to blog about.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

I am a genius.

We rang in the new year at 8:00 pm.
We had our own countdown. Followed by banging on pots, kissing, hugging and one firework.
Then we put the kids to bed and watched a movie.
Perfect New Years Celebration if you ask me.

So to further prove what a great mother I am I have included all of these things that my children already know or can do.
Here goes......
Everything. Yep they already know everything.
Babysitters. Don't need them.
Sure my children are 7,5 &3. They don't need babysitters they can take care of themselves.
Driving. Charlie can do it. He told me so. "It's easy."
Baths. Don't need them. They're never dirty.
Jane can do a whole number of things like take care of bear cubs. She does it all of the time. Or she loves to go to her special room and play with her horse (it's real) and her polar bear (totally real) and her penguins. (real) Which by the way are so funny and they do the funniest things.
Maggie has been independent since she was 14 months old. So I'm quite possibly the best mother I've ever heard of.