Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Ran into this bad boy here in town.

John Cochran currently on the show Survivor.

I was waiting to be picked up by my husband and kids while he was waiting for his parents to swing by and pick him up. I was talking on my cell to Mike when what did I see? A young man who looked just like Cochran. So I did what any nice lady would do. Hung up on my husband and slowly circled this young man while leaning over and trying to get a better look at his face. ha. Creepy? Yes. I'm certain that I looked like a total idiot. But that has never stopped me before.

He was a gentleman and so sweet. His parents came before Mike and so I did not get enough time to drill him on everything I wanted to know.

Charlie was the first to say, "Mom you saw Cochran? Let me see the picture." Yes, my seven year old watches survivor with us.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Where's the Fairy?

Charlie was put under for a little oral surgery. He had some drill work done and they also pulled a tooth. Which makes that my first child's first tooth to come out. So of course we were so excited for the fairy to come that first night. When Charlie woke up in the morning he came down stairs and said, "Mom the tooth fairy didn't come last night."

What!!! My first born. His first tooth. No Tooth Fairy!!!! What a terrible tooth fairy!! Well, the next night she made up for it with a pack of gum, a dollar and a note explaining her delay. You see she was unaware of this tooth being pulled because it wasn't one of his loose teeth so it was unexpected. She has been forgiven.

(and for the record, dad was out of town so he missed the action)

Friday, December 9, 2011


We buried this and sent the neighborhood kids on a picture treasure hunt.
At the end of the hunt was this map.
The chest was full of goodies.

Maggie, Charlie, Jane

Charlie reached his birthday in October.
I went to have lunch with Charlie and take his classmates cupcakes. We sat at an all girl table. I happened to think it was strange and this sweet thing next to me named Charlotte told me that he always sits with all of the girls. And she said that t all the girls like Charlie. She even said that he is nice.( What?? This was totally new information for me)Charlie is seven and we are proud of all of the great things that he is learning and doing. He is a great smart kid and we are grateful to have him in our family.
(side note: I am also grateful for Charlotte and her talkative mouth)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Okay, I have a lot of catching up to do. Football. We were undefeated and took division championship again this year. Great for the team but boring for the mom to go and watch us slam everybody. I would have preferred that we lost a game here or there or at least didn't rub it in everyone's face so much. Gracie, Jane & Maggie

Cheering on the boys

The big juicy trophy. Mike got one too. They have been hanging out in the kitchen where everyone can see them.