Sunday, November 30, 2008

Week of Thanks

Hooray for visitors! We would have moved away a long time ago if we had known it could be this fun. My sister Debi and some of her family came to visit us this week. Adam, Dave, Debi and McKenzie

I just had to include this picture because Mike is so stinkin burly. The production starts this coming weekend so we won't get to see him much these next two weeks. He thinks he wants to keep the beard but we have all voted him out. No more kisses Dad! It's scratchy.

Patient Moe

The squirrels would come up and eat out of our hands. I'm pretty sure that the kids thought that was cooler than any of the monuments.
Jane loves hats, purses, jackets. I've been calling her "hobo jane" lately but the Hansen's renamed her "bag lady jane". Fitting I think.

Mac and the Washington Monument

Jane, Mac & Charlie

The kids loved playing with McKenzie. She was fun to have around and she kept all of us entertained. As usual.

Where's Charlie?

Another great week. We went to Manassas to check out the battlefields, toured a day in DC, visited Arlington Cemetery, had a yummy Thanksgiving dinner with four missionaries, watched movies and Dave and Adam painted our bedroom. (I think that as everyone has come they want to work as hard as Michelle. No complaints here. )

The more the merrier, come on over!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Sisters, Sisters....

......there were never such devoted sisters." I just got a call this evening that my sister Trish was hurt in a repelling accident. She was flown to SLC and will be undergoing surgery to release the swelling in her head. I know that the Lord is aware of our family at this time because I feel surprisingly calm and peaceful. I am grateful for the power of prayer and the massive family we have to back it up.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Tis the season to count my blessings.
  • Mike - I really am lucky to have such a great husband. I often need to work out things in my brain and he is the perfect companion for me.
  • Charlie - makes me aware of my weaknesses, like patience. Yet one sweet act makes me feel like I am doing something right.
  • Jane - her constant singing (though it only makes sense to me) is a delight in our home.
  • Maggie - my little sweetie who even gives a smile in the middle of the night.
  • Mom - I'm lucky to have a mom who has taught me so much and I'm grateful she is still here.
  • In laws - Ivan and Helene are wonderful and I'm pretty lucky to be related.
  • Extended Family - Siblings, In laws, Nieces, Nephews - Blessed with so many relatives, and really I mean sooo many. I love that type of support system for me and my children.
  • Good Friends - friends can just be an extension of family. I have sweet friends.
  • Simple Things - but the list is long, a warm house, a car that works, ability to pay the bills, a husband who is employed.
  • My Country - I feel very fortunate to be an American and I hope that I can teach my children how lucky they are.
  • Jesus Christ - his sacrifice is often incomprehensible to me. Amazing.
  • Heavenly Father - without my knowledge of him my life wouldn't have meaning. I am so grateful that he loves me and is aware of me and my strengths and weaknesses.

(this post is in no particular order :) )

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Does he really remember?

Charlie: Mom, Jesus is coming to the earth again.
Mom: Yes he is.
Charlie: I want him to take me to his home like last time.
Mom: What last time?
Charlie: Remember Mom, that picture we have? You know, when you and Dad got married in the Temple? I was with Jesus in his home.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Uncle Matt

You know, there is just something about Matt (Mike's little brother). He is a delight to have around. I usually just smile when I hear his voice or know that I get to spend some time with him. The minute he showed up at our house he was playing with the kids and entertaining all of us.
We're hoping that living out here on the East will help in being able to spend more time with Uncle Matt. Here are some pictures to show you why is he is so fun to have around.

Yes, that's Matt taking a picture of himself (he set the timer). And yes, that is the sign that says "for your safety keep off cannons".

Jesus was removed from his spot above our doorway. Don't worry we have other pictures of him in the house.

Taking yet another picture of himself. He is not lacking in self confidence.

Maybe next time Andy will come because he really missed out!

Finally Pictures to Prove it

Ivan, Helene & Mike in DC

Washington Monument

On a more important note: When Mom came she brought a whole box of bread. I couldn't let all of that yummy goodness go to waste so we had to go and buy a much needed freezer.

Illegal picture taken of Charlie in the primary program. Lucky for me we spiked his hair a little in a mohawk or else you wouldn't know he was standing at the pulpit. (My favorite part of the program happened to be when Jane stood on my lap and saw Charlie then waved and said loudly "Hi Charlie" to which ye said quite loudly "Hi Jane" and then she said "Hi" it was at this point that I was embarrassed but happy that they love each other.)

Dad in Fredericksburg See these thighs?

Uncle Matt threw out his back lifting Mags.

Jane at the park with Grandma and Uncle Matt.

Charlie and Grandma

Moe (Grandma caught this cute picture of her.)

We had such a good time with Mom and Dad. The week was full and fun and the kids are still talking about their Grandma and Grandpa every day. We already miss them.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa

What could be better than a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Crosland? Not much. We had a week full of fun and work. I still don't know how Helene is able to completely out work me. I was exhausted at the end of each day and she always wanted to do more. We painted the kids' rooms (pictures will come in another post), cleaned out the garage, organized the storage room, Dad pruned our trees, cleaned out the front flower beds, tore down a tree, bought a freezer, toured DC, enjoyed Charlie's primary program and even got to play with fantastic Uncle Matt. We've been so lucky.

There will be some pictures of our fun week coming. All of my pictures are on the other computer which is why I've been delaying this blog. Sorry for the absence. I'll have to just play catch up for a while because so much has been going on. Give me a couple of days.....

Before / After

Boring basement wall.
Our newest project that we really love. Thank you Matt and Shannon for having a fun little place in your basement. We love ours. It entertains the kids for hours. And I really love that!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Be Smart

Charlie: Dad will you please get me something to eat?
Dad: Sure bud, what would you like?
Charlie: DAD, just get me something!
Dad: Charlie, I don't know what you want to eat unless you tell me.
Dad: Can you give me a clue?
Charlie: Dad, just think with your brain and be smart.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


So we woke up this morning and we were "sign bombed". There is really only one person that I suspected.... Guess who shows up at the house to make us breakfast? Someone who feels pretty guilty, his name is John. I'm afraid we can't get rid of him. He is here now watching a football game. I'm going to bed. Here are some pics of our front yard. The pictures are a little dark but John and friends were kind enough to give both presidential candidates a spot on our lawn.

I'm grateful for his guilt because it was a mighty good breakfast!

Halloween 2008

We went to Trunk R Treat at our church and I totally forgot the camera. Grateful for Mike's camera phone to get us a little something to remember.

We tried to leave early enough to get home and still catch some neighbors. We sort of missed a good opportunity to show the neighbors how much fun we can be because today our next door neighbor asked me if we celebrate Halloween?! Oh no! I'm afraid he mixed up Mormon and Jehovah's Witness. I think it's that whole door to door approach that throws people off. So next year we'll stay home the whole time and really give them a fright.