Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Trip Part 1

Made it to Denver. We didn't have enough time and Fancy Nancy's house. Only two days before moving on to the next stop. Colby and Brady caught wild baby bunnies for us to play with. I regret to say that after all of the man handling, most of them have gone to see their maker.Brady
Charlie, Brady, Maggie and Jane


They LOVED playing with these bunnies.

Our next stop was Utah.

We stayed with my sister Debi and her family

Jakelle, Jane, Mallory
Mallory had the great idea that we should go ice skating. I wasn't totally convinced that this would be a great idea with three little ones. Turns out that I was wrong and she was right. All three kids loved it and by then end they were getting pretty darn good.

They had these neat little walker contraptions so the kids could skate themselves

Jakelle, Mallory and McKenzie

all of my great helpers

Kimber and Maggie

Jakelle, McKenzie, Mallory

Jane, Charlie and Maggie

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beginning of Summer

Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start. Summer is on it's way out and I'm just beginning to post about it. Here we go. This picture of Mags just has to be included because it's classic

Charlie got his cast off the last week of school. Three days before we began our cross country voyage. It was super stinky.

Just in time to entertain himself in the car for hours

The night before we went on our big trip we found this guy in the street. We brought him home and played with him for a couple of hours before letting him go.

Typical day in the car. I was surprised once again that the drive really isn't that bad. We have a system and it works. Each day goes a little something like this.... start early, begin with quiet, then have singing time, then coloring or school work, next is present time (little wrapped gifts from the dollar store) eventually we stop for lunch and a break then finally they get tv and electronic time. Each day is about 10 hours of travel.

On our first stop Jane fell out of bed in the night and punctured her lip. Mike thought she needed stitches, I figured she'd be fine.

After three days of travel we reached my sisters house in Denver

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Family Funnies

I've been saving up. I try to record them as they come along.. here's what I've collected over the last few months.

Charlie: "I can't wait to tell everyone at school about my stitches"

Mom: " yeah, you can tell them how brave you were and that you didn't even cry."

Charlie: "I'm not going to say that. Whenever you tell me what to say, I never say it. You're not in my brain. Besides, you don't ever make sense."


"Mom, go over to that guy, I want to talk to him."

(so like an idiot, i walk over to the nice man working at sears)

"My daughter just wanted to talk to you" I say.

He looked at Maggie with a smile and she replied.

"You're hair is crazy and nasty."

He looked at me. I looked at her in pure embarrassment and anger and she lifted up her arms and said "what? is that not nice to say?"

I love my children's bottoms. They are cute and squishy and I like to squeeze them. The other day Maggie was getting on my last nerve and she knew it. After she started to boss me around, I gave her the look. She saw my face, turned around, stuck out her little rear end and said, "you can squeeze my bottom if you want to mom."

Charlie and Jane

I was bending down in my pajamas and I could feel that they were sagging. Jane said "uh mom, your pants are too small". Charlie quickly jumped in and said "Jane that isn't' nice, mom is still growing".

While at Cabella's Jane was laughing and pointing at the gopher that they had posed with it's head in a hole and bottom in the air.
Charlie turned to her and said "Jane stop laughing. You are not being nice to nature."

Jane was singing another great made up song. Here is an excerpt

" Jesus loves me. Jesus widiculous loves me"

So clearly neglecting the third child is alive and well. I totally thought that Maggie knew her ABC's. She is three and I've heard her sing them a million times. But just the other day we were face to face singing the ABC's here's what I heard..."A B C D E F G H I J K an I need to go P, Q R S T U V W X Y and Z" Of course I had her repeat it and we will be working a little harder on our ABC's.