Monday, June 30, 2008


I have proof that my husband just travels too much. The other day while at the grocery store he picked up some bloody mary mix (non alcoholic). For those of you who don't know what that is...I would say it's V-8 with a kick. This drink just happens to be his favorite airplane drink. After church yesterday he was sitting down taking care of our little Maggie. As I walked by he politely asked me if I would get him a bloody mary drink. Then he continued to place his order asking me to put in just so much ice and not to forget the lime. (Which he also made sure to purchase.) I was truly just staring at him thinking this was all a little silly and then he made it worse. He asked me to bring it to him with peanuts! Serious, he was not joking! I burst into laughter. After I contained myself my response was the appropriate "Of course Mr. Crosland, I'll get that right away."

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Three Little Pigs

Yesterday we went and enjoyed Lehi's Rodeo days. We made it to the parade which was fun but long and then we went to the park to enjoy the carnival. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there weren't actual carnival rides but they had a lot of blow up toys. They also had a little petting zoo area, which I always love, maybe because I like petting the animals more than the kids do.
We came upon a pen with three cute little pigs and then discovered that they were drawing names for kids to go in and catch them. We watched a couple of rounds and Charlie just knew that he wanted to try it so we went and entered his name in the drawing. We had to wait a little while for his age group but when the time came his name wasn't called. I thought we might have to deal with a break down but he held in the tears. We decided to watch as his age group tried to catch the pigs. They were having a hard time and seemed to be more afraid of the pigs. Two little kids wanted out so Mike saw his opportunity he turned to the lady and said "My son would really like to do this". So she let us throw Charlie in.
It was a hoot. He was chasing and grabbing those squealing pigs. The other kids started to catch on. I was quite proud of him, he really got in there and held on to those suckers.Charlie ended up winning first place. Next year we are going to have to put him in the Strawberry Days Rodeo Muttin Bustin. I think he's ready.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Virginia Update

I just went on a quick little trip to Virginia. Fortunate for me I have sisters who stepped in and took care of my children. Mike and I left on Tuesday and went all around Wednesday with our sweet realtor Dawn. We couldn't ask for a better realtor to help us and take care of us. We are looking in a little farm area near the town of Warrenton. You can all look it up on a map if you want. It is about an hour outside of D.C.

Almost every home on the market is a short sale or foreclosure. Really it's quite sad. There are so many people there who had to walk away from their homes. Good for me, bad for them. The only problem that poses is that some people really trashed their home before they left.

We have an offer on a nice place but it could be months before we hear if it is even accepted. We may just be moving into a rental and then continuing our search after we get there.

Hogle Zoo

Charlie and Jane went to Hogle Zoo with out me. Kim, Glen and McKenzie picked them up and had a fun day with them. I kept waiting for them to come home. They were gone much longer than I expected which was quite nice for me. Here are some pictures of their adventures.

Nobody noticed that my son was yanking on the snake until the pictures came back.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Adorable Skirts

Look how cute these skirts are! My niece, Kim, made my girls matching skirts. They are even more adorable in person. The little one on Maggie is so small it's hilarious. Kim got a sewing machine for her birthday just last month and has been sewing up a storm. Fortunate for me I have become one of the benefactors of her great work. She also has a lot of her stuff on line at You can go to the site and see every ones homemade crafts and talents. Her stuff is listed under the user name of "Kimmalee". Check it out and enjoy.

Little Maggie at one month.

Jane in her cute new skirt. Thanks Kim!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Swim Lessons

Charlie is taking swim lessons for the next two weeks from his cousin Lindsay. Fortunate for all of us that Lindsay is very patient. I have been trying very hard to avoid eye contact with Charlie during his lesson. I think he spends most of his time arguing or trying to negotiate a deal with her so he can just jump off of the diving board.
He doesn't really like the whole learning to swim concept. It's all about jumping in and diving for toys. I missed the picture where the family dog, Lewis, got out of the house and jumped right in. I think that was Charlie's favorite part of the lesson.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

Where do I start? I feel pretty lucky to be married to such a great guy. And, I have had experience in the husband area so I think I know what I am talking about. It should really be a compliment when I let him know that he is pretty fantastic. I could brag for hours and make the rest of you want to gag but I'll try to keep it short.Mike is a wonderful father who is patient and fun with our children. They love him very much and can't wait for Dad to get home so the fun can begin. While I hate to admit it, I sometimes get frustrated with my kids after a long day. Fortunate for me I have a husband who cares about me and steps in to make things better. Thank you honey, I love you.

On another note. I miss my own Dad. He passed away almost 11 years ago. He was a wonderful Father. He always made me feel important and he taught me a lot about how to treat others. Dad really lead our family by example. I wish that my children could have known their Grandpa. I am sure they met him before they came to earth. I can't wait for my chance to see him again someday.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Good Weather!

Today we are getting the weather I have been waiting all spring for. Finally summer feels like it might be here to stay. Although our back yard is a little scrap of grass the kids still love going out and looking for bugs and playing with the hose. I love it too because it can occupy them long enough that I feel like I can get something done. Charlie and Jane just seem to get along better when they are playing outside. And why is it that every time I turn around Charlie likes to strip down to his undies?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My New Razor

Alright I have never been one to buy the latest and greatest new anything from an advertisement.( Unlike Mike who has a secret passion for QVC. I am always afraid that the "Miracle Blade" is going to end up in a box on my doorstep.) But, I received my new found interest in my free diaper bag from the hospital, so of course I had to give it a try. It's called Schick Intuition and it's fantastic. I am usually a "mean shaver" I don't lather up my legs or pits before I take a razor to them. I figure what's the point? My razor just meets the skin with a little water and that seems to be good enough for me. This razor has the soap/lather stuff right next to the blade. It smells good as well as gives me a great shave. Will I replace it when it runs out? Probably not but I will enjoy it while it lasts.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Thanks Ladies

I have a great bunch of girlfriends that are trying hard to keep me "in the know". We got together today at Shannon's house so we could all venture out with our newborns. They made a valiant effort to teach me a thing or two about blogging. Things are slowly coming together. Thank you Tara, Jen and Shannon.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Charlie's Big Day

Charlie's first ski day. He went with Dad this year and had so much fun.

Jane in her sponge curlers. ( I used to get these curlers in my hair every Saturday night while having to watch Lawrence Welk.) I enjoy the curlers in her hair much more than the final result.