Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Memorable Pictures of the Summer

 I've been terrible at posting so here are some pics from our summer.
Gus on his blessing day.

This was us at Target. Gus is probably about three weeks old and Maggie wanted to hold him on her lap in the cart rather than have him in his carseat. We freaked a lot of customers out. They thought it was a doll and then he'd move or squeal. 
Maggie at Virginia Beach

Gus at the beach

I gave Charlie a skull glitter tattoo before our beach trip in hopes of him getting a really cool tan on his back but I ruined it the very first day by loading him up with oily sunscreen. Oops


Charlie and Gus in church

Jane turns 7!

Jane's birthday dinner at Red Robbin

Jane's dance recital

Charlie and Jane snuggling while watching tv

Farewell party for our friends at the park.
The rainstorm took over the place and there were mud puddles everywhere.
The kids were in heaven. 
Maggie at her dance recital