Sunday, November 29, 2009


"Mom, why do mom's and dad's get to stay up later than the kids?"
"Well, we still have a lot of work to do. When you go to bed, we stay up and get our jobs done, then we go to bed."
"Oh, like watch all of your sports shows?" (dad's busted)

"Mom if you find any money than give it to me. I'm starting a collection."

"If a bad guy tries to get me, then I'm going to tell him that he is a child of God and he should start acting like it. Then I'll tell him to tell his tell his bad guy friends that they are children of God too." (that should fix it)

"Charlie, stop talking like that. We don't talk about our privates. You know better."
"I know Mom, (hand touching his head), it's just that my brain keeps tricking me and telling me to say those things." (Should I be looking into a psychiatrist? schizophrenia? His brain gets blamed for a lot of things lately.)

Friday, November 27, 2009


Jane will know if you die, because she told me that your face will look like this. (Don't forget to stick your tongue out.) Sometimes I will find her on our floor, dead. Thank goodness for the tongue to tip me off as to how dramatic I should be when I find her.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Most of my family members have been posting five thankfuls a day on their blog this month. I did not join them. Not because I'm not grateful but mostly because I don't like to set myself up for what I know would have been a miserable failure. Instead I'd like to give you just a few of my thankfuls in no particular order.
  1. My husband. Although we never get a quiet moment or the opportunity to have a single conversation, I certainly love and appreciate him.
  2. Prayer. I am so grateful that my Father in Heaven gave me the opportunity to speak to him and pour out my soul. I need and utilize this tool every single day.
  3. Mouse traps. I have caught THREE mice in my home within a weeks time. Gross.
  4. Utilities. A warm home during these cold months. I also love my hotpad at bed time. Mmmm.
  5. Good Parents. How or why they managed 12 kids I may never know. Amazing.
  6. Jesus Christ. Such a sacrifice makes it possible for me to live with my family forever and gives me the opportunity to correct my mistakes.
  7. Music. Great music can raise my spirits.
  8. Charlie. Big ball of never ending energy. He can be the sweetest thing when I feel like I'm losing my mind.
  9. Jane. She says the sweetest things and loves to love all of us.
  10. Maggie. Dirty looks, loud yells and moans. A fist to the face. I love it all. She makes me laugh every day.
  11. Chocolate. I shouldn't love it as much as I do. No dessert is worth my time without a little chocolate in it.
  12. Sisters. I have wonderful, supportive sisters.
  13. Water. I love to drink it, bathe in it & swim in it.
  14. Toilets. I like to sit on them and then flush it away.
  15. My minivan. It's comfortable, roomy and it is dependable. I feel safe while driving it.
  16. Good friends. I have been blessed all throughout my life with good friends.
  17. Clorox wipes. Enough said.
  18. In Laws. I realize that not everyone loves their in laws but I do. All of them.
  19. The Pledge of Allegiance and all it stands for.
  20. Sight. Nothing is better than watching my kids while they are happy or excited. I'm glad that I am able to see their faces and watch them grow.

Friday, November 20, 2009


"Perfect, perfect, perfect."
That's what Jane said as she looked in the mirror this morning after getting dressed.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dumb Mom

Today Maggie is 18 months. We dropped the kids off at preschool and then went to the grocery store. Moe was a screaming, yelling mess.
At first of course I just ignored her and said sweet little things to her like, "Oh Mags, you don't need to be sad. I love you." She truly could have cared less. I started receiving some dirty looks from customers so I took her out of the cart to hold her. Certainly that would do the trick. Nope.
I then received several face slaps while the screaming continued. Then came the classic throw the head and arch the back. "Mags, would you like to walk?" Of course I said this sweetly. The tears were flowing (hers, not mine) the yelling continued so I put her down to walk beside me. I'm certain that wasn't what she wanted because she threw herself to the floor for her continued tantrum.
I picked her up and we proceeded to the cereal isle to get a box of granola bars that were not on my list. I hurried to put her in the cart and open up the package. Then I got out a choc chip granola bar and handed it to her. She chucked it on the ground. I picked it up and tried again. Same response. Then I grabbed a box of gushers that were not on my list. I opened up the box while she continued in anger. Opening up the little package she could see what it was. She grabbed them out of my hand and the crying stopped.
"Are you going to be happy now?" I was still able to manage a nice voice here.
"Uh huh" Maggie replied.
That's when I became completely aware that I was just worked over big time.

I should have known. The terrible two's always start at 18 months and then end at age four. Silly me for thinking otherwise.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

And Finally.....

Here are a bunch of photo's to prove that we had a great time with friends in Hawaii.

Mike, Ali, Shannon, Matt, Shauni (hiding down low), Paul, Jeremy
Four of us got to drive in a sweet baby blue Grand Marquis.
We love our waves.
Shauni and her fabulous hat.

Shauni and Jer kayaking up Wailua River

Mike and Kimber

Ali and Paul
Ali is six months pregnant and such a trooper. Matt, Ali, Mike and Paul
We were hiking through mud, mud and more mud.
It was awesome.
Mike, Matt, Shauni, Jer

But we did all of that hiking to get to here. Worth it.
I even went through/behind it with Mike's help.

This is what Mike and Jeremy would do as they waited for their wives to be ready for the day.

Not such an attractive picture of Matt but a really cute pic of Shannon so I had to include it.

Jeremy and Shauni doing another hike to Kipu Falls.The boys all jumped off of the cliff to then climb up a ladder and get to the rope swing. Here's Mikey

Shauni and Shannon
Matt, Paul and Mike climbing up the inside of a tree.

Ali and Paul in his cute little short shorts.

Mike, Jeremy, Paul & Matt
Yes, they are pointing their guns at me. Yes, they are 35 years old. Yes, they spent a long time digging their trenches.

That's Mike in the water holding up his shorts, he said that he was "cleaning the sand out". We all opted to stay on the beach until he was finished.

Mike, Kimber (33-52), Shauni, Shannon
On our way to the Nepali Coast. We stopped for snorkeling, turtle watching and we enjoyed dolphins on the way there.Shannon

The beautiful coast line....think Jurassic Park.Kimber and Shauni

Vacations are the best.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Planned Bliss

The children are all being cared for back home. We are celebrating our ten year Anniversary with some of our friends. I'm certain that this makes up for all of the times we have completely forgotten our anniversary. Three of the four couples were all married the same year. We all hung out with each other while dating and we've managed to keep our friendships going amongst all of our crazy lives. Here are some pictures of our fun adventures in Hawaii. There will be more to come in the next couple of days.

Mike and Kimber ( 31-52)

Jeremy and Shauni

Matt and Shannon showing their deep abiding love for each other but really just being sarcastic.

Paul and Ali

Ali is six months pregnant and was quite a trooper through out our adventures. There will be more fun pictures to come. If only I could share all of the stories.