Thursday, March 31, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Most of my pictures of Charlie are of him underwater. He's our seal and has really improved in his swimming this year. Jane Charlie

She frustrated the teacher with all of her excuses. She didn't want to blow bubbles and didn't want to get her ears wet etc.. Then after her swim lessons were finished she was able to swim and put her face in.
Maggie took swim lessons with her little neighbor/friend.
Never quite able to relax. She spent her swim lessons giggling.

Swim lessons are finished and we will be starting soccer this week. More pictures to come of that.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sinking Ship

Jane is doing reading lessons with Dad. It's going slow, really slow. She's a drifter of thoughts. She has always been on her own time schedule. She is often in her head and doing her own imaginary playing. Sometimes we are invited and sometimes we are not. She has a "special room". Everything great happens there. It sounds like a wonderful place. We hear stories about this place all of the time. She tortures her best friend with it. Often she will remind her best friend about her "special room" and how she is the only one who can go there. It works. This statement drives Carys crazy and she often whines to her mother about wanting a special room too.
Charlie has more energy then he ever knows what to do with. Luckily soccer starts up soon.
Maggie uses the Lords name in vain. When I correct her by saying, "we say oh my goodness" she will then respond with, "but some people say oh my g--". She's also very good at identifying her genders and will let all of us know what people have a penis or a pagina. All neighbors and friends have been identified correctly. We are just so proud of her. She is so bright.

Summer camps? Anyone offering really cheap summer camps at their homes?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Post

Maggie, got to love her but she is driving me crazy. She talks, all of the time, all day long. She follows me everywhere holding my leg and telling me how much she loves me. Yes, it's sweet and one day I'll wish she were still doing it. But not now. Now it's.... really draining. I just like this profile.
We had a super duper rainfall last Sunday. It was awesome and sent a little stream right through our back yard.

We can't resist a hard rainfall. It must be played in.