Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break

About six months ago our friends sent out an email to all of their friends. Inviting us on a number of "mini vacations" they would be taking this year. We put our names in to head to Hershey, Pennsylvania with them for our Spring Break. We had a lot of fun and made many memories. Here is our recap.Hershey's Chocolate World
Mr. Mike, Charlie, Maggie, Jane, Josephine, Chloe, Miss Emily, Mr. Brad & London
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Josephine & Jane
We waited forever for some premade desserts. It was painfully long but we kept ourselves entertained by painting on the paper tables with brushes and Hershey Syrup.

Miss Emily. Her son London gave her a real Hershey Kiss.

Maggie found it delightful to color her lips and then lick it all off.


Our first night at the Hotel swimming pool Charlie slipped and split his chin. Five stitches. He's pretty proud.

Easter Sunday before the big hunt.

Miss Emily made each child their own bag and they had to search for them in the Lobby.

Charlie, JoJo & Mags

The craziest part is that we took a little side lot of the hotel to plant eggs and candy. We were robbed. You got it. Robbed! The kids found their bags and then we took them out to the side lot where we hid the goods. I could tell before approaching that things had been taken. Someone went in and swooped it up. Rude right? Good thing we had put a few things in their bags or that would have been the biggest fail ever.

We had two great days at Hershey Park. Riding roller coasters and entertaining ourselves. All in all, great trip.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Worst One

I asked Charlie to go to his room and get his pajamas on at least six times. The seventh time I said it loudly and with great force. He went. He put on his pj's and returned with a list. Then he says this..

"Mom, you're the worst one."


"Your the meanest person on my list. There's you and Dad and Mr. D. But your the worst one."

"What list? You've been keeping a list?"

"Yes, and you have gotten to three. You can try to get numbers taken off by being nice but so far you haven't gotten any taken off."

Charlie and Bernice
Here's the list. Mom 1, 2, 3 Dad 1, 2 Mr. D 1 (one day Mr. D, our neighbor, sent Charlie home after the boys had been fighting.) See, he's learned something in kindergarten. Counting, reading, writing, chances and consequences. He already knew about trouble.

Friday, April 15, 2011


I love soccer. It's a sport kids feel they can do. I like that.

Jane is in an instructional group. Our league hires entertaining Brits to teach and inspire the kids. (Mal, they have a tall Scottish guy that probably needs to meet you.) They learn all of the fundamental footwork needed to become good players. So far this year Jane is participating (big improvement from last year). I think she gets it and it is so fun to watch. We are super pleased with Charlie this year. This is his first year on a real team and I thought it would be a laughing adventure.
Turns out that he really knows what he is doing. He didn't follow the herd and when the other team got the ball he would get in the defensive mode and go to cut them off instead of just "chase".
He also managed to score his first goal. And the teams first goal.

This is his look to us to make sure we got it. Yep we got it.

Way to go bud!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Visitors. Oh how I love them. I talked my sister into coming to Virginia instead of Florida for their Spring Break. I loved it. Can't really say if they did. The weather here was cold with a nice bite to the air. ooopsie.Brady and Colby know how to build wicked forts. They don't even ask me to help. It was awesome. Charlie, Mags, Jane
Uncle Steve
They also spent time catching turtles. The boys caught two while they were here but of course we had to release them back to their homes.
Colby and prize turtle. I like to call Colby "Bieber". Not so sure if he loves it.

Thank you for the great visit. We loved it.