Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Katch Up

  • grandma and grandpa visited for two weeks
  • started going to a personal trainer with some girlfriends - sore
  • charlie is loving preschool, thanks to a new young man as his teacher
  • took away maggie's binki - naps and night time aren't quite the same yet
  • uncle brian, aunt leslie and cousin chandler came out this way on their spring break
  • conference was enjoyable
  • easter was fun
  • toured mt. vernon for the first time
  • spring has sprung and we are outside in the yard every day
  • tadpoles are in season and we are catching a bunch of them
  • a little turtle was captured but now we can't find it
  • caught a crawdad - he lost a leg after being man handled too much
  • played and toured with another visitor, girlfriend audra
  • mike's been working hard in the yard - looks good
  • get chewed out by maggie, can't understand a lot of it but she's definitely angry
  • mike's convinced she has tourettes
  • i think jane is the one with tourettes
  • for not being able to understand mags she can say "cookie dough" loud and clear

Monday, April 12, 2010


Mom: "Would you please just focus and read the next line."

Charlie: "Lame, lame, lame. Reading is lame."

That's when I knew it was going to be an enjoyable reading lesson.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Plug It

So you know the cute aprons that you've seen my children wearing in pictures on my blog? Here's a reminder.

I bought them from my friends, Tami and Lynette, who have a little sewing business called All The Trend. They sew and make all sorts of 'boutique style' baby and toddler items. Aprons (like the ones in my pictures), appliqued tops and onesies, infant car-seat blankets, and all kinds of hair accessories.

They are calling April their 'Spring Sale Month'. Each Monday in April they will be having a killer sale featuring a different category on their website This Monday, April 5th, will be the day they are featuring their 'Just Like Mommy' Aprons. They usually cost $9.95, but for Monday only the aprons will be on sale for $5.95. That's a great price for one of their super cute and functional aprons. We use them every time we bake cookies, craft and sometimes when we eat. I can get Charlie and Jane to put them on for a messy meal because they are not "bibs", they are aprons, for big people. So check them out, they make great gifts too.