Tuesday, May 18, 2010

To, Too, I Mean TWO!

Moe turned two a couple of weeks ago and we had a light family celebration.

We all ate cupcakes

She opened her present

We got her a pink little scooter so she could join her big brother and sister as they rode theirs.
The best part is that she goes straight until she hits something, then she picks it up and turns it around.
We are in full enjoy Maggie mode. She makes me smile and laugh every day. I love this age. She does get out of bed a lot (don't love it) and she can open her door (don't love it) but last night I stood in the hall waiting for her to walk out and instead she was laying on the floor sticking her fingers under the door saying "See me Mom? See me?" Love that.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh Jane

She's allergic to snakes. (just ask her)
She has over seven imaginary friends. They cause all kinds of trouble. There is Ashley, Erica, Asha, Vielle, Verna, Seenana and Lona. (that's all I can think of right now)
She will one up any story that you have. And they always involve her imaginary friends.
For example:
Charlie and I were talking about the strength of tornadoes. I was telling him that some are strong enough to lift up cars. While we were having our discussion we were rudely interupted with a story about the time that Jane and Erica were in a tornado.
We went to Mt. Vernon a while ago. After going through the museum and seeing a diarama of a war slaughter with dead soldiers, Indians and horses she went on to tell me the story about the time she and her friend, Asher killed an Indian.
Charlie gets a little tired of her stories and he usually rolls his eyes and shakes his head.

Jane & Carys
My most recent favorite Jane story was a couple of weeks ago when she was at her friends house across the street. My neighbor (Cyndi) knows that I don't give my children caffeinated drinks.
The girls were playing nicely and then they went up to Carys' room and Cyndi heard them shut the bedroom door and lock it. A minute later she walked up and asked them to unlock the door. All she heard was a whispering panic of "hide, hide". She unlocked the door and couldn't find them. She looked under the bed and there were the girls laying on their tummies sucking down a diet Coke. So she took away their soda and they got a talking to about; taking it without asking, hiding it and locking the door. Miss Cyndi let them know that they would be on time out (at this time she was a little worried if I would be mad).
This is where the story gets good. As soon as she said they would be on time out. Jane piped up "Miss Cyndi, you can put me on time out but will you save that drink for me and I'll finish it when we get off time out because it was soooo good."
We've decided that these little three year olds are going to be giving us a run for our money. We will spend our lives doing our best to be on top of our game.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

To My Mothers

I have two wonderful Mothers in my life.

My mom who raised me and tried her hardest to teach me everything that she wanted me to know.
Poor lady, she must be exhausted because I'm stubborn.

I also have a very sweet mother in law who is a great listener.

I know that not every one has a wonderful mother and mother in law in their life and I am very lucky to have both.
I love you.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Soccer is Back

This is Jane's first year of soccer. Charlie and Jane were able to be on the same "team". Really it's just a practice where they learn certain skills. Their coach is an adorable English Fellow with a great accent. He captures the kids attention (and all of the adults for that matter). I should remember to get video. Probably won't happen.

This is me, man-handling Charlie. He sometimes does this thing where he acts goofy and tries to make all of the other kids laugh. It can be disruptive to the coach or anyone else for that matter. Weird.
He must have inherited it from the Crosland side.
She begged to be in soccer but the truth is she really doesn't care. I don't think that she knows it though. She has good intentions but is easily distracted. I often find her on the side lines staring at a dog or baby or small child. She has even come to sit on my lap in the middle of a drill.

Gets it. Loves it. And is pretty darn good at it.
And click on this picture because the view is so out of this world.
I live in a very beautiful place.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another Visitor

We have a new visitor today named Tom.
I almost hit him with my car while driving the kids to preschool.
When I realized that he wasn't a rock in the road I slammed it into reverse, picked him up and handed him to Charlie.
We've had fun playing with him today and we are trying to make our front flower bed into a nice outdoor habitat for him. I'll post pictures if we can get it figured out.

Tom seems friendly and hopefully we can teach our children to be friendly also. His hard exterior makes them believe he is indestructible.

Tom and Maggie

Charlie, Jane & Maggie