Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weeks Worth

We had a fun Valentine's Day. I decided that we should have a "romantic" family dinner. We ate by candle light on our nice dishes. We enjoyed our sparkling apple juice and the children enjoyed many toasts. They especially liked saying "cheers" every other minute.

I like these little "week at a glance" posts and you'll be seeing more of them. It makes it easy to list my happenings and include some photos. I'm all about being easy. ha

meetings - dental appointments - late work days - volunteer at school - swim lessons - dance class - preschool - babysitting - entertaining - new recipes - dog pooping in the house - kids waking up too much throughout the night - teaching lessons - reading - the bachelor - football games - birthday party - working out - basketball -black eye - baby shower

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Have The Blaaaz

Life is blaa but this is something exciting! Meet Ada. She is my great niece and first great grandchild on the Crosland side. I can hardly wait to meet her.

I can't even begin to tell you how many snow days we've had. Okay I should rephrase that. Not actual snow days but school is cancelled days. These are two totally different things here. We really don't get much snow. Here is a picture of my street on one of our "school is closed today" days. Silly.

Jane came home with a bunch of goodies from a "fancy nancy" party.
Maggie was, and still is jealous. She steals the goods any time she can.

Jane, Charlie, Maggie
Valentine's from Grandma and Grandpa

Charlie and Mike as we celebrated Mike's Birthday!

I'm hoping for a quick spring. This has been a hard couple of months with many friends who are going through hard times. Lot's of service opportunities to keep us busy.

Clearly I'm not in the mood to blog. This is all I can muster for you wonderful family members who check this every once and while.