Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mike's Birthday

The man is climbing up there in age, but he still has his sweet dance moves. He danced with the kids last night while I made dinner. Every one was in a good mood and it was a nice family night. I still happen to enjoy him and find him adorable.
Tonight we will celebrate by having a few friends over for dinner.
Mr. Damien doesn't know it (though he should), but he and I are in a bit of a fight.
And on that note.
Let's just take a poll here.
What kind of gift giver are you? Do you give what you want the other person to have or do you give something that the receiver would enjoy? Really, please answer this question.
There will be a post to follow, explaining both sides. Maybe I'll even let Mr. D write his own post, though I will certainly have to edit it.

Monday, January 11, 2010


There is a point with Maggie where if she gets mad, there can be no reasonable return. We've recorded it several times. While hectic and crazy, it's always a bit entertaining. On this particular day, I had asked her if she wanted to go downstairs with me. I can now assume that she wanted her answer to be a simple "no thank you". Although that isn't what came out of her mouth. Luckily the camera was nearby.

The binki calmed her long enough to get a shirt on her but then she started to get angry and run away. So of course, I followed.

Who doesn't love this? I totally do. If only a picture could display the dramatic fall.

Fortunately Dad was nearby.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Let Me Freak Your Freak

New Year's Eve was a special sort of night for the Crosland family.
Prepare yourself for total grossoutness. Make sure you haven't just eaten. Clear your nose and passage way so that your gag reflex won't take over.
This is a worm. This 8 inch worm was found in Maggie's diaper as I went to change her after her nap. It was still alive and wiggling.

Lucky for us we have a Doctor in our Ward. I called up Dr. Evans and explained my dilemma. His voice displayed way too much enthusiasm about my ordeal. Here is what he said.....

"Was it all in one piece?" (yes)
"Was it still alive?" (yes)
"Do you still have it?" (yes)
"Can I come over and see it?"
His excitement did give me hope that Maggie wasn't about to be taken over by night crawlers. This is when I said, "we'll come to you". We all got our pajamas on and went over to his house bearing one special gift.

We are all on some five day deworming pill. I've requested a "no flush zone" in our home so that I can inspect every one's poop. Mike is not obeying this new law. So far we're all clear, even Maggie.

She likely ingested this as an egg over four months ago and it has been growing inside of her.

Sweet dreams dear friends. I wish you sweet dreams.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Gum is Missing

Guilty look.
Over half of my pack is in there.
But what cute sticky hands.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Family Quotes


When my children are wearing on me they often here me say, "you are making me crazy." That one bites me in the rear every day because every time I make Maggie mad, which is often, she will repeat " you just make me cazy mom, you make me so cazy".

Come to find out if you have a swearing problem it is likely that your children will pick it up. The other day the girls were driving me batty (or crazy). A lot of screaming, fighting with each other and then screaming "MOM". I think that I was up and down the stairs seven times in three minutes. Charlie was eating at the table when they broke out again. Charlie said "Just ignore them Mom." I angrily started up the stairs and muttered "oh my hell" then I heard Charlie say, "No kidding".

Jane was coloring at the table when a great groove and move song came on. She slammed her crayon onto the table, stood up and said, "okay, this song makes me do my cool moves." And she danced.

Jane, while praying: "bless us to be nice to each other and not fight or hit or push or kick or punch or bite or say stupid or dummy or idiot or. " ...... this is where I lost track.

Mags Quotes:

"shut yor mouf sharlie"

She always says "me eedor" let me give you some examples of when she says this....
I say " I love cookies" and Mags would say "me eedor"
Jane might say "I want to watch Dora" then you'll hear Mags say "me eedor"

direct translation: me either : translate that into context and she is saying "me too."