Friday, January 3, 2014

October, November

Charlie & Jane
Charlie had a birthday. He turned 9. We celebrated with a little Red Robin.

Maggie, Kimber, Charlie
Maggie and Jane on Halloween
The Raccoon and the Fox

Our neighbor painted Charlie's face for Halloween. 

Mike's Costume
Shake weight and fake muscles. The ugly mustache was real.

Gus and Charlie
Jane, for your enjoyment.

Every few months Gus gets his big kidney checked.
It's still big. 

Due to all of choking issues, Gus developed a messed up head.
We got him a helmet to reshape his head.
This stocking was placed on his head for some digital pictures.  
Jane is blind. She got glasses. I didn't know she was having trouble. She didn't know  to tell me. Her teacher told me that she would get up out of her front row seat to take a closer look at the white board. 

Maggie is sixth from the left. She's a Pilgrim standing next to Colin the Indian. The kindergarten put on a very cute Thanksgiving program fro the parents.

First moments with the helmet

Charlie is third from the left, front row. The third grade gave us a fantastic patriotic program.


Debi said...

LOVED the Halloween costumes. Oh, I sure miss Mikey! Charlie's face was amazing! Mags made a darling pilgrim and Janie's glasses are very cute. Still need a picture of Charlie's glasses too. Of course Gusters helmet is darling too!

Nona Haddock said...

You did an awesome job of bringing us up to date on all the activities. Love reading about your family and seeing your children grow up.